lined my brothers hair up today lol. that’s my nigga.

late night thoughts #2

I really miss my homie mikey. nobody really knew him like I did. he was really my best friend in high school. first person I used to get high with, first one I hit a lick with, even got beat up by the police together ha . I miss this nigga. we would literally walk to and from school everyday me, him and nick. he was really a good person and it sucks he doing time for so long cause I know he has potential and could change his ways if he was given the chance. you know when you go into court all they see on that paper is all the bad you did and all the charges you’ve obtained. they don’t see how he helped his moms out when times were hard, how he gave me a couple dollars when I needed it, took care of his nephews when his sisters needed help, etc. he was genuine good person. he was one of those goofy, silly, and played too much type person but would fuck you up it you played with him. I think that’s why we got a long so well. we both had that same type of personality. it sucks to want to call someone to see how they doing but can’t because of one simple mistake they made that institutionalize them for a long time. some days I just wanna call that nigga and tell him “bra I’m bout to get a bottle of Heem (Hennessy) what you got on it?” he’ll always reply “shit I got whatever bra it’s good, come through!”. my nigga, always down for whatever. A1 since day. I never had to second guess him. I knew all his immediate family and he knew mines. that was my nigga. even though we kind of did our own thing after high school me having a gf and focusing on work and fashion, etc. I know I could call him at anytime and he would be there for a nigga. I could go on all day about memories and all that other sentimental shit but the point is cherish who you have around in your life because you never know what could happen. life is crazy.

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g0ld--n asked:
Wth. I didn't know you had a tumblr lol.

lol yea I got the tightest tumblr.